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Wednesday, December, 2011 - Tampa Workshops News

Modeling Photography Workshops Coming In 2012

With the public modeling photography shootout events of Tampa Shootouts, which were scheduled to begin in January 2012, on hold, and our workshops dependent upon the shootouts to audition our subcontracted professional instructors, the modeling photography workshop events of Tampa Workshops are automatically on hold, as well. There will be a delay. Our modeling photography workshop events, both the Focus Modeling Photography Workshops and the Lace Sexy Photography Workshops, require qualified professional subcontractors to run the workshops and to instruct the students; we cannot organize and run any workshop event without a shootout event leading into it. Our photography workshops, because they have overhead, are done a lot less frequently than the low-cost photography shootout events, as well, and we only are planning from between four to eight a year, with each workshop being a source of paid work for models and photographers.
We had planned on having our first workshop event, a Focus Modeling Photography Workshop, in the Spring of 2012, but it is looking like it could slip to Fall 2012, or even later, because of the hold on photography shootout events. They will eventually happen, but only after the shootouts begin, and the Athena Modeling Photography and Networking Event Series begins its run of monthly photography and networking shootout events, and at least three of those have happened. The lead-time for the start of our workshops is at least three months after Athena debuts.
It’s not a matter of “if”, but rather “when”. Currently, there is a 50% chance that the workshops will be available in 2012, and 2013 is looking to be a strong year, regardless.



Friday, November 25, 2011 - Tampa Workshops News

High-Risk Modeling Photography Workshop Branding Finalized

Today, we finally finished the branding for our high-risk modeling photography workshops. Just like the Athena Shootouts lead into our Focus Modeling Photography Workshops, the high-risk Allure Sexy Photography Shootouts lead into their workshop counterpart, our newly-branded Lace Sexy Photography Workshops. Our Lace Workshops are a professional, safer alternative to other high-risk modeling photography workshops in the Tampa Bay market which feature boudoir, glamour, lingerie, pin-up, risque bikini modeling, and modeling in provocative poses. So, the groups are complete. Athena Shootouts are the counterpart to the Focus Workshops. Allure Shootouts are the counterpart to Lace Workshops. The Tampa Bay market will never be the same again, as we set the standard. Our shootouts and workshops are the most sophisticated, and comprehensive, of their kind, ever, in Florida. Additionally, our workshops are a better value than even photography and modeling schools, as they are taught by subcontracted professionals whom are among the best in their careers, and not full-time teachers who teach because they could not make it in their career. The instruction is relevant to anyone trying to establish, and work, a professional career, too.
Regarding the Lace Sexy Photography Workshops, we do not try to sell anyone on these workshops. As a matter of fact, we warn aspiring photographers and models that they should not do high-risk work, as high-risk work is only for established professional models and photographers who know what they are doing, have experience, and choose to specialize in high-risk work. For those who are determined to start a career in boudoir, glamour, lingerie, pin-up, risque bikini modeling, and other provocative work, we are here to give you the safest and most professional workshop that you will find. We will educate our students in the risks, and help them to maximize their marketability while reducing their risk.
Pictures are forever, and cannot be undone once they are created. Professionals who do high-risk work will find that they are often stuck doing that kind of work, as it will cripple their marketability and their ability to book mainstream work.
If high-risk work is what you want to do, our Lace Sexy Photography Workshops are the best way to learn it, and earn your way into a career specializing in high-risk work.



Monday, October 17, 2011 - Tampa Workshops News

Launch Of Tampa Workshops Site

Today, after three extra days of work on development, the official Tampa Workshops web site has launched. Tampa Workshops now joins Tampa Shootouts as a full marketing and support package for the marketing and support of professional career workshops and photography shootout events in the Tampa Bay market. Our workshops, and shootout events, are the most sophisticated events of their type to ever be done in the Tampa Bay market, and it is our primary agenda to set the standard for workshop and photography shootout events in Florida.
Tampa Workshops and Tampa Shootouts are a symbiotic marketing and support package, with the free photography shootout events facilitating professional networking, professional collaborative group photography sessions, and the marketing of our industry career workshops here on Tampa Workshops. The photography shootout events are also used as working auditions to evaluate professionals, especially models, for paying subcontracted job opportunities in our workshops. The evaluation of professionals for the consideration of subcontracted jobs is one reason that shootout events used for this purpose are offered free of charge, as it would be unethical to charge anyone for the consideration of any job.
Ethics are important to us, as we are working professionals who are tired of the un professionalism in the industry today, and we are offended by amateurs who misrepresent their experience and qualifications, and who pretend to be one of us when they have not paid their dues. This mayhem by amateurs in the market is harming it. Another reason that we came together to do our own workshops and shootout events is that professional standards needed to be set in the market, and there were way too many amateur and inappropriate events being done in the Tampa Bay market. We will set the standard. We are going to offer professional, ethical alternatives to what is going on in the market, and will work together to bring proper guidance and integrity to the industry.
The main type of workshops that we will be doing in 2012 will be modeling photography and photography workshop events. In the future, we plan on offering career workshops in modeling, acting, writing, indie filmmaking, and other career fields. We intend to offer a more valuable and cost-effective alternative to what schools offer, and this will be true since we will not subcontract “full time” teachers, professionals who are only professional on paper and who were not able to make it in any career, as instructors. Our instructors will be working professionals at the tops of their industries full-time, and will be subcontracted to work in our workshops on part time basis. This will ensure that our workshops will be superior to any school, as our participants will receive instruction and hands-on experience relevant to their careers from working professionals.
Our main workshop event series, at least for 2012, will be the Focus Modeling Photography Workshops. Since our Focus workshop events use the Tampa Shootouts Athena Modeling Photography and Networking Event Series to evaluate the professionals which will be subcontracted to instruct students at our Focus workshops, and the first Athena shootout is now set for January 2012, our first Focus workshop event will not debut until at least February 2012.


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