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Before attending our modeling workshops, you may want to consider Tampa Model Testing, The Espy Model Testing Program, by Aurora PhotoArts Tampa Photography and Design, which has a workshop element to it, and it is done by the same organizers as Tampa Workshops. The Espy Model Testing Program is also less expensive, as it is marketed to new models, although, for more comprehensive instruction, you would have to invest in a modeling workshop by us. For model testing, modeling portfolio photography, modeling portfolios, and comp cards in the Tampa Bay market, Aurora PhotoArts offers these services, and they have been at the top of those markets in the Tampa Bay area since 2001. Feel free to check out their online portfolio, their web sites, and contact Aurora PhotoArts to book a photography or a model testing session, or to have your modeling composite cards designed.
We are directly affiliated with Aurora PhotoArts.

Modeling workshops will be the type of workshops that we will offer the most after our photography workshops, and will overlap into our modeling photography workshops, mainly being modeling portfolio photography workshops, and not necessarily the modeling photography workshops, which mostly service aspiring photographers (of course, with hybrid workshop events possible, this is rather more of a guideline than a rule). The main difference, however, will be that the target market for our modeling workshops, and some of our modeling photography workshops, will be for new, aspiring models, as well as models who wish to enhance the marketability and the scope of their modeling career. Our modeling career workshops will especially be popular with independent models who will take charge of their careers and book work without being dependent upon a modeling and talent agency.
With affiliated sponsors Tampa Bay Modeling, Independent Modeling, and Aurora PhotoArts doing a lot of work in the modeling industry, our modeling and modeling portfolio photography workshops will be a natural extension of the markets that they service. Many of the model clients of Aurora PhotoArts will be referred to our modeling career workshops and modeling portfolio workshops to further enhance their modeling careers, as the majority of the photography and design business of Aurora PhotoArts will deal with models.
Our modeling career workshops and modeling portfolio workshops will be taught by subcontracted professional models, and subcontracted professional photographers assisting in modeling portfolio workshop events. All of our subcontracted instructors and assistants will be working professionals whom have successful careers.

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