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By event planner, photographer, and modeling and talent expert C. A. Passinault

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Friday, October 21, 2011 - Tampa Workshops Blog Post by C. A. Passinault

Content On Tampa Workshops. Aurora PhotoArts Work.

I’m all into this teaching thing here on Tampa Workshops, and, like all professionals should be, I am looking forward Aurora PhotoArts Venus 2 Venus Class marketing and support site. The Venus Class has been the main workhorse of my Aurora PhotoArts sites since 2005.to sharing what I know and helping other photographers and models learn the business. Just like the professionals whom we will subcontracting into workshops jobs teaching on the side while they work full-time photography and/ or modeling careers, I, too have a career (and I also have measures in place to avoid any conflicts of interest, so if any competitors or aspiring competitors have any ideas about attending under false pretenses, to harm to the market or to try to “take me down” by learning how I work, they can forget it. The Beacon Shootouts are one such measure, and I have that program in place so that I can start bringing my own models into the shootouts and the workshops, bridging the gap. I’m going to be able to utilize my full resources, while still minimizing risk). After Tampa Workshops launched on October Notice the new Aurora PhotoArts logo in this image, compared to the ones in the web sites above. Photoshopped mock-up of an upcoming Mosaic Class Aurora PhotoArts marketing and support web site. This will be the main web site for marketing Aurora PhotoArts, and there will be at least 16 of them. These will start launching next week (note that the pictures are not in this mock-up, as it is for layout and design conceptualization purposes.)17, 2011, I took two days to work on my photography company to prepare for the work that I have to do the next couple of months. I still have a career, and my career as a photographer, as well as my Tampa photography and design company, Aurora PhotoArts, will maintain leadership of the Tampa Bay market, as well as extend our lead dramatically in the next two years. Believe it.
My photography company, Aurora PhotoArts, was started on June 10, 1994, to support my creative and production projects. My first shoot, in fact, was with myself and Nicole, an aspiring model and DJ, with someone else taking the pictures, at the Lowry Park bandshell (the pictures were mediocre, but they served their purpose- After all, I was not the photographer, and even if I were, it would be another six years before would have the experience and the skill to do pro work, as photography was not my focus at the time). At the time, I was a popular Aurora PhotoArts Huey Class photography marketing and support web site, considered to be a budget version of the Venus Class, although this is more advanced, having been in use since 2008. This is for Tampa Headshots. Although the new Mosaic Class site will replace sites like this, this particular site will remain in service for a few more years, as the Mosaic Class marketing site for our headshot photography services will be launched under a different domain name.underground DJ and an event planner, and I needed photographs and design work for my cassette program releases. So, that’s what I used Aurora PhotoArts for, and for the first four years, it was good. It was all that I needed it for.
It was only a matter of time, though, before the company would evolve to the point of offering services to clients. I would have to concentrate on photography before that could happen, though, and pay my dues while learning skills and obtaining experience. In those years, however, I made a business out of event planning and DJ’ing, and that’s where my priorities were. I never intended to become a photographer, or even a professional photographer, even though I owned a photography company. I always figured that I could subcontract the photography work out if I had to, and if I turned it into a business which offered photography services to the market. I was a very reluctant photographer. It was never a part of my plan.
In 1998, I began to learn web design. I needed more pictures for my web sites, and my design skills progressed fromHeader for an online Aurora PhotoArts ad, 2010. The old logo can be seen on the upper left. old-fashioned pen-and-paper to digital production tools (I also learned photography toiling in the dirt with whatever cameras that I could get my hands on, and paid a fortune in film and development costs. Starting in the dirt and working my way up, paying my dues while learning skills on my own is one reason that most photographers in the Tampa Bay area, especially the GWC’s, cannot compete with me. I’m like a fine wine, which became refined over the years. Although I am not as technical as some photographers, and I have to teach myself studio work to a higher level, as I’m a location shooter and not a studio shooter, don’t underestimate my experience, or my skill. Keep in mind that shooting modeling portfolios and shooting talent headshots is better on location, anyway, and even post-studio, I would never recommend that anyone try to shoot a modeling portfolio in a studio, as it offers insufficient range, and it is not as cost effective to try to duplicate the range of shooting on location . This said, I will try to make this work, and I am working on some studio technology for this, but it is a way off, at best).
With access to professional digital tools for my design work, designing, which I’ve done since I was a little kid, quickly became a passion for me. With all of the photography shoots that I had to do, photography also became a passion. Photography made me a photographer, and was not the result of a plan or aspiration. It just happened, and, in time, is eventually displaced my DJ and event planning career. I was born out of the experience. Experience taught me that I was born to be a photographer. A good photographer. I might even say that I am one of the few with the potential to become one of the best in the world one day, and that day could be as soon as five years from now.
In 2000, a fashion model whom I was dating (I did not get into this business to date models, which some photographers try to do. It just happened because I got on well with this girl who contacted me. I get along well with women, at any rate, as I have the social skills to get along with people when I want to. It turned out that she was a model, as well as an art director, after she drove to the Tampa Bay area from Orlando, and we first me.) started spending weekends with me, and she whipped me into shape as a photographer. She was the greatest muse, ever, and she is still present in my work. I turned pro as a photographer late in 2000, and built a professional portfolio using an old 35MM SLR camera with a short lens and a 200MM telephoto lens. I spent thousands on film and development to build my portfolio, and it was worth it (models who spend a few hundred on a marketable port get off easy, in my opinion, and in my experience. I wish that I could have done it that way, but photography requires a ton of experience and skill before you can turn it into a career, as well as a lot of business skills). Through the years, too, I learned from hundreds of other models, and each shoot made me a better photographer.
To make a long story short, Aurora PhotoArts becoming a business, well, it just happened. Once my portfolio was built, and my first web sites were launched, aspiring models and talent simply called me up and asked me what my rates were. It took on a life of its own from there. As a matter of fact, things progressed so fast in my business that I never did get my agreements (contracts) the way that I wanted to have them in that past 10 years, with my present agreements being 2006 service agreements built upon the same ones that I’ve been using since 2004, and even before that; they were always a work-in-progress (this will be rectified in the coming weeks, with the deployment of new service agreements that I’ve been working on since 2007.... And, no, no one is taking them home without giving me a deposit on their booked shoot, so don’t even ask. I don’t want the new agreements floating around out there for competitors to obtain and to study/ reverse-engineer). When you do a lot, in several different industries, well, progress on some things can be slow, especially when things that work keep on working. Already working an event planning and DJ business, though, helped in the transition, as some of my DJ event agreements were modified to become my photography service agreements. You could say that I hit the ground running in the photography business, and the moment that it became a business with me is a bit blurred, as one day I looked around and realized that I was running a photography business without officially starting the business. It happened in early 2001, I think, when a model covered the costs of my film and development for a test shoot. Or, was it in early 2000, just before I turned pro, when Sabrina booked me to shoot her and Kevin in a couples shoot? I couldn’t tell you. I was booking a lot of shoots in 2002, for sure; this I know.
I do know that, from 2000 to 2003, in my early days as a working professional photographer, that the market was peaceful. It was just me and models, and we had a lot of fun shooting. By 2003, however, I began running into unethical, unprofessional photographers, and I began fighting with some of them, figuratively, in the market. I really want to go back to those early days, when I didn’t have to fight. Although I am very good at fighting, I don’t like doing it. That said, Tampa Shootouts and Tampa Workshops is the result, and the continuation, of a fight to bring professional standards and integrity to the market, so I guess that fighting for things that I believe in is a constant in my career, and it always will be.
By 2002, I began shooting a lot of headshots for actors, and I had shooting headshots on location down to a science in 2004 (to the mother who stated that her daughter “wanted her headshots done in the studio” the other day, with only two days notice, and then passed me up, well, good luck getting headshots like I can do, having them done in a studio, or from any photographer in the Tampa Bay area, for that matter. I’m flattered, though, that she and her daughter thought that my headshots were shot in a studio, as most photographs taken on location cannot pull off a studio look. I can’t help it that the mother was put-off by learning that I shoot my headshots on location, and it’s her problem. It’s also her loss. Professional actors and talent seek me out for headshots from all over, some driving for hours to shoot with me, and they tell me that my headshots are legendary in the acting and talent communities. I’ve had several actors invest in my headshots before going to Los Angeles and New York, and a major headshot studio in Los Angeles offered me a job as a headshot photographer if I ever decide to move there, which isn’t going to happen because Tampa Bay is where I am going to stay.). From 2002 until the present, I’ve worked in the top levels of the modeling and talent photography market in Tampa Bay, and am easily in the top 5% (The two Susans are excellent headshot photographers, with work that is as good as mine is, if not better, and there are some other excellent photographers, such as Ross. I DO keep track of who the players are in the market, and know exactly where I stand in my career... I’m not worrying about much, if at all, because I’m doing well just doing my own thing). I think that I’ve done well, and, really, you haven’t seen anything yet with what will be happening in the next few years.
So, for the past decade, I’ve been working as a professional photographer, and I’ve been doing an outstanding job using minimal equipment. Despite claims that some think that my web sites are outdated or badly designed, which I believe is from the vocal minority, the web sites work really well, and no one in the Tampa Bay market can touch my web sites or my marketing (although there are a lot of so-called photographers out there who have been spamming search engines since 2008, and they are going to be dealt with; not that they are any threat to me on any level, as their work is inferior, in my opinion, and in the opinion of clients who passed them up and booked with me, which are most people who are looking for a photographer in this market).
So, it came to this. I’ve been working my career. As far back as 2005, I began monitoring photography shootouts and workshops in the Tampa Bay market, and I was not impressed, or pleased. The events were either amateur, or inappropriate. Some of them were outright scams which were preying upon people. Some photographers set out to scam aspiring photographers, and make a business out of it. In some instances, it was all of the above.
So, in 2005, I began planning my own shootouts and workshops, although I never got around to it because I was busy working my photography business, booking work, and I had to try to figure out a way to make my photography business and the separate business of shootouts and workshops compatible, as there was the potential of many conflicts on several different levels.
In May 2011, I became aware of a shootout photography event, and contacted the owner to see what was going on. He invited me to the shootout, but since he had not been honest with me, and was downright unprofessional and rude to me when I was there, it became a very bad experience for me. I was floored; I could not believe the nerve of unprofessional, aspiring photographers, who had barely begun shooting, lying to me, being insecure about me, and pretending to be players in the industry. In the aftermath, once I learned of all of the shady things going on behind my back, I was rather inspired to do something about it. Not as an agenda, but rather as a benefit, I was going to school this amateur photographer and put him in his place. I’ve already done just that, and haven’t even started, yet.
In the last few months, I’ve put together a series of photography shootouts and workshop events which addressed all of the problems and potential conflicts that I’ve known of for the past six years. In 2012, it begins, and this market will never be the same. The idiots out there who have been hurting the market with flawed shootouts and workshop events the past few years are about to get schooled, if I haven’t already schooled them. The shootouts and workshops that my friends and I have put together will not only become the standard in the Tampa Bay market, but for Florida and beyond.
To hint on what is going to happen, I don’t report on everything that is going to be going into these events on these web sites. There are a lot of details that are classified as secret, and what you see here on the web sites is only a glimpse of what we are doing. Many of these details will be transparent to even the participants, as that is how I designed the events. I’m just not a professional, working photographer with many years of experience working my business, but I’m also smarter than many of these other photographers doing shootout events and workshops in the market, and this is something that I will be demonstrating over and over and over again in the coming months and years. They inspired the wrong person, and they crippled whatever chance that they had for a career doing it. It’s time for a change, and it is time for a new standard in shootouts and in workshop events in Tampa Bay.
The really amusing thing is that, even though our shootouts and workshops have not yet begun, they have already set the standard in the market. You should see all of the people out there who have long claimed to know what they were doing drop everything and react to what is on the Tampa Shootouts web site and the Tampa Workshops web site. They are trying to adapt to be able to compete, and some are outright trying to copy me. Thank you all for confirming what I already knew; I’m better than you are, in every way. Regardless, though, my efforts setting new standards will certainly improve the market, and the industry, overall, and in that case, everyone wins... Well, as long as the aspiring competitors are able to continue to do “business”, or whatever it is that they are trying to do. Those who copy me, I’m afraid, will only come off as a cheap imitation of the real deal, which is me, at best. Would you rather go to the source, which is me, or some inferior counterfeit? Would you rather hang with the leader, or waste your time with a follower who has to try to copy what I do? Follow the leader.
I thought so.
Primitive amateurs. Get real or get out. Professionals in the market are sick and tired of all of the B.S., and we are coming for you! This is a war in the market, and you are on the losing side!
Going back to my career, as I’ve worked it since 2007, I’ve been investing on the foundation of the future. I’m just now finishing up on that work. The past two days, I looked over my present Venus 2 Venus Class Aurora PhotoArts web site, looked at my original Venus Class marketing and support site under Passinault.Com, which is ancient, and checked in on the array of new marketing and operating domain names that I’ve been investing in the past two to three years. I now have an array of 20 excellent, active domain names for the cause. I’m ready, and I’m not playing around. The gloves are coming off, and I’m not pulling any punches. This market belongs to professionals. It’s also my market!
In preparation for what is to come, I also redesigned the logo for Aurora PhotoArts this week. The new logo is awesome. That would be the cherry on top of something which is my larger, much more sophisticated, and much more refined that any of you could know about, as what you see is one small facet on a very large diamond. I’ve been a leader in the Tampa Bay market in several industries the past decade, and now, especially in the photography services, design, and modeling industry markets, I am in position to absolutely dominate it in every way. I know it sounds like bragging, and I know that I don’t look exactly humble writing this, but the bottom line is that my proven track record with many of my projects over the years cannot be ignored or dismissed. Besides, I will let history prove my words. Those who are aware of what I’ve done, and have been doing, have not seen anything yet.
There are many out there who are afraid of competing with me, and if they are unethical and / or unprofessional, the fear is justified. I will put you out of business.
There is going to be a market cold war of sorts coming, and this war will be one where my allies and I are innovating, and leading, and everyone else will be reacting to what we do and struggling to compete, keep up, or fighting to remain relevant in the market. For years, I have sat on many of my resources and tools, trying to keep them under wraps and “safe” from unethical aspiring competitors stealing them, but the war is unavoidable. I’m bringing it. This market will never be the same again, regardless. It’s time to go all out and take the market, extending a lead that I’ve long taken for granted.
At any rate, all of that work that I’ve recently done with Aurora PhotoArts will benefit the shootouts and the workshop events. It’s just that, for the next couple of months, I will be concentrating all of my efforts on what needs to be done with Aurora PhotoArts, mainly in building and deploying a fleet of marketing and support web sites. I will be building, launching, and deploying an array of over 16 photography and design marketing and support web sites, and the main emphasis of this array will be modeling and talent photography. You could say that I will have an endless supply of top models and talent for the shootouts and workshops.
So, before I begin working on all of those web sites, and working a lot of booked photography shoots in the coming days and weeks, I have to update and button-up Tampa Shootouts and Tampa Workshops. Today, I added the rest of the content to Tampa Workshops, which includes, but is not limited to, the Support, Features, Resources, Jobs, Audition, Instructors, Professionals, Attend, Next Workshop, Photography, Modeling, Acting, Writing, and Indie Filmmaking sections. I’m done for now.
I’ll resume major work on Tampa Workshops and Tampa Shootouts in December 2011! I’m spending my holidays working my main photography business. Happy holidays!



Monday, October 17, 2011 - Tampa Workshops Blog Post by C. A. Passinault

Tampa Workshops Site Launch

Today, I’m happy to say that the Tampa Workshops site has officially launched, joining its sister site, Tampa Shootouts, online. I had a little more time to spend on developing the Tampa Workshops site, and it has a few tweaks and refinement over the slightly older Tampa Shootouts site. The advancements developed for Tampa Workshops will be retro-applied to Tampa Shootouts, starting today.
The Tampa Shootouts site, concept, and shootout events are excellent, easily setting a standard for photography shootout events in the Tampa Bay market, but the addition of Tampa Workshops is something special, and greatly enhances the shootouts with the most comprehensive and advanced example of symbiotic marketing in Florida. Tampa Shootouts is excellent, and is a great stand-alone concept, easily able to thrive on its own, but the addition of Tampa Workshops raises the shootouts to another level entirely. Indeed, Tampa Shootouts was designed with Tampa Workshops in mind from the very beginning, and alone, Tampa Shootouts without Tampa Workshops was not as effective as it needed to be.
Everything is at another level, now. This is a marketing and career building machine that will absolutely steamroll any photography, meet-up, shootout, workshop, or school in the Tampa Bay area. We set the standard, and we call the shots. The Tampa Bay photography, modeling, and service industries need us. It can now be said that the era of unethical, unprofessional, inappropriate, predatory, and shady photography shootouts and workshops in the Tampa Bay area is behind us. The scams are going out of business, and the competitors who are left, if you can call them competitors, will be forced to improve, or go out of business, too.
Tampa Shootouts and Tampa Workshops are the perfect pair. The shootouts are used for professionals to network during photography shoots, and are also used to evaluate professionals who wish to land subcontracted jobs at our related workshop events. The shootouts are also used as a marketing platform for our workshops, although the participants of the shootouts are not obligated to pay for, or attend, any shootouts. Since the shootouts are NOT really workshops, it’s mostly just networking and photography, although the professionals on hand may be able to give pointers and tips to those who need it as a sample of what we offer in the workshops (We will NOT be giving away the store at our shootouts, and they will not turn into workshops. We will help, but only to an extent. Anyone needing a lot of help will be referred to the workshops, and will be mostly left to their own devices during the shootout). The photography shootout events of Tampa Shootouts are mostly free of charge to the participants (and are always free to professionals who are being evaluated for workshop jobs, as it would be unethical to charge anyone for the consideration of any job), and I say mostly because there will be some shootout events which will not be free (and those events will not be used to evaluate professionals for work). Tampa Workshops, on the other hand, are not free events. They cost. Our workshops are a career investment. The workshops will often center around photography shootout events on steroids, often with a venue, and always with professional instruction on hand. There is no point on having a workshop if there is no instruction by qualified professionals (unlike other shootouts and workshops being run by amateurs, we are actually qualified AND experienced. Amateurs require professional instruction and guidance, and with amateurs teach amateurs, no one benefits, and the only thing which is learned and perfected are mistakes. Additionally, most amateurs are insecure and petty, as well as too stupid to allow professionals to assist them, dooming their shootouts and workshops to mediocrity and irrelevance). Additionally, our subcontracted professional instructors are NOT full time teachers, like most of the photography and trade schools have. I don’t want anyone who is teaching because they could not cut it in their career. The slogan of Tampa Workshops is “Working Professionals Building Careers”, which, yes, I came up with. It describes it perfectly. Our instructors are professionals who are successful in their careers full time, and they are subcontracted to instruct on the side.
Of course, too, although Tampa Workshops will offer a variety of workshops in different industries, such as modeling, acting, writing, indie filmmaking, and more, most of our workshops will be for photography, with an emphasis on modeling photography, which is why Tampa Shootouts is a very big part of what we do.
I’ll write more about this in a future blog post here on Tampa Workshops, as I’m out of time, and have to write content for the rest of the site. The new standard in workshop events for the Tampa Bay area is here, and I’m proud of what we are going to achieve starting in 2012!


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UPDATED 12/14/11

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