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Tampa Workshops is a marketing and support web site for the industry workshop events of Tampa Workshops in the Tampa Bay area. Our career workshops are instructed by working professionals who assist in building the careers of the aspiring professionals who participate in our workshop events. We also have paying, subcontracted jobs available at our career workshops where working professionals who already have a full time career can make money sharing what they know, and sharing their experience, while instructing our students. Since most of our workshops events are for photography, with an emphasis on modeling photography, we subcontract a lot of top models and photographers for our workshops. Tampa Workshops has workshop events for other industries, too, which include, but are not limited to, modeling, acting, writing, and indie filmmaking. Our workshops are designed to be a far better value than any school, as we cost less and are more relevant for the careers of aspiring professionals!
Since most of our workshops are geared for photography, our main flagship workshop series is the Focus Modeling Photography Workshop Series, officially branded as the Focus Modeling Photography Workshops. Our Focus photography workshops directly tie into the flagship photography shootout event series of Tampa Shootouts, the Athena Modeling Photography and Networking Event Series, which is used as a working audition to evaluate professionals for subcontracted jobs at our workshop events, primarily the Focus workshop. Athena is also used to market and promote our Focus workshops. Tampa Shootouts is our sister site, and which with we are directly affiliated with.
Tampa Workshops and Tampa Shootouts are interconnected, and utilize a symbiotic marketing and support strategy developed by event planner and photographer C. A. Passinault. Tampa Shootouts is used for marketing, networking, and evaluating professionals; the majority of the shootout events are also offered free of charge. Tampa Workshops is used for students who want to become professionals and start a career, as well as for professionals who want to work with other professionals to expand their careers; most of the workshops are not free, and are considered to be a valuable investment into careers. Although there will be some overlap between the features and the formats of the shootouts and the workshops, the shootouts will be more of a networking event with very little instruction, and the workshops will have a lot of professional instruction and far more intense, and productive, work. You will get what you pay for. Generally, though, the shootouts are a lead-in for the workshops, with support from the business that the workshops do to keep the shootouts effective. It’s a full circle, and cycle, and the most effective marketing and business engine in the photography shootout and workshop industry.
The one-two punch of Tampa Shootouts and Tampa Workshops cannot be underestimated, as we are a force to be reckoned with in the Tampa Bay market, easily setting the standard for what photography shootout events and career workshop events should be- and NEED to be. Simply put, with our shootouts and workshop events, you don’t need to attend any others. We are all that you need, and it’s the way that we designed and organized our events. We’re even more cost-effective, and make more sense, than any school, too, as we are more relevant for the careers of professionals and aspiring professionals, and cost far less than schools. Of course, the greatest advantage that we have over the photography, modeling, and other schools is that we do not subcontract full time teachers. The professionals who we subcontract to instruct in our events are working professionals who have succeeded in their careers, and who continue to thrive in tough markets. That’s why, for Tampa Workshops, our slogan is “Working Professionals Building Careers”. This makes our instructors far more qualified to teach than any teacher at any school. Also, on the subject of schools in the Tampa Bay area, and unlike those schools, our workshops put an emphasis on business ethics and career integrity, because without either, you can’t be a professional, and your career will not last long.
The main reason that we started Tampa Workshops and Tampa Shootouts is that we were, frankly, sick and tired of the other shootout and workshop events that we have observed over the past decade in the Tampa Bay market. They have been a mix of things, including amateur, inappropriate, sleazy, misleading, overpriced, and some were even outright scams. Regarding the amateurs trying to offer professional services, which they were unable to do for obvious reasons, the professionals were not pleased. The professionals decided to get together and do something about the shootouts and workshops which fell short. We decided to start our own, and to do it right. This is for other professionals, as well as those who aspire to start a professional career. We are doing this because we care about the integrity of our industries, and about other professionals. This is for you!

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